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Rally for our DD centers

A Task Force appointed by the Governor and Legislature of New Jersey has recommended closing two of seven centers for the developmentally disabled in New Jersey: Woodbridge Developmental Center and North Jersey Developmental Center in Totowa.

Join us in taking action now to stop the closures!

The residents of these centers are clinically “severely retarded”, most rated “non-mobile” and “non-verbal”, and require 24/7 care.  They are our children, siblings and family.  The state wants to move them to small group homes which do not have the same high standards of care that our loved ones need to survive.

Most of the residents do not adjust well to change.  In fact they can have extreme reactions to change in ways that can harm themselves or those around them. 

We, as their guardians, should have the right to choose where our disable loved one lives to best meet their individual needs and care.

We need your help!

Our Response

Our coalition has issued a response to the Task Force Report.
Read our full response here.

  • We strongly disagree with the recommendation to close two centers
  • The Task Force did not explain their reasoning and provided no data to support their decision to close centers.  We want to see data comparing the level of care in the centers with the level of care in the group homes where the state wants to move our loved ones.
  • We call on DHS to stop moving residents now while the Task Force findings are reviewed.
  • It does not make sense to move residents out of developmental centers into community settings while 8,000 families are on the waiting list for these same community placements.
  • States do not save money by merely moving severely disabled residents to a different setting.
  • We disagree with the states’ reasoning that the Olmstead decision of the U.S. Supreme Court requires states to close developmental centers and move residents to community settings. 

North Jersey Developmental Center in Totowa and Woodbridge Developmental Center have been targeted by the Task Force to close within 5 years.  We are working to keep them open.
We need your help.

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